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If the DC Comics superhero Black Adam has an original movie today, it's because of Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson who fought to bring his character to the screen.

The Rock joins the DC Universe in a feature film centered around antiheroes.

"When the first draft of the movie got to us, it was Black He Adam and Shazam combination. In one movie he has two origins and his story," Johnson told Vanity Fair. rice field. “Well, that was the goal, so it wasn't a total surprise. We will give Black Adam an incredible disadvantage. Shazam would have been fine with the two origin stories converging into one movie, but it wouldn't have been a good fit for Black Adam," he added, adding that the movie could have a showdown later. I was. "I said, 'Here I have to share my thoughts. It's very unpopular' because everyone was like, 'Hey, this script is great, let's make this movie.' Because I said, do this movie alone in the tone you want. And I think it should be divided, too," he continued.According to Deadline, Johnson won in the end. Live in the same place that the fans want.

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